Society of True Light 真光社

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Hong Kong LGBT+ Affirmative Practices Conference 2023

香港 LGBT+ 肯定式實踐手法會議 2023

2-3 June 2023 (Fri & Sat)

The University of Hong Kong

1/F Run Run Shaw Tower - CPD-1.24

2023 年 6 月 2 – 3 日(星期五及六)

香港大學 逸夫教學樓 CPD-1.24


About Society of True Light

Society of True Light (真光社) is a non-profit organisation concerned about self-acceptance of sexual minorities. It aims to promote self-acceptance of sexual minorities through action, academic research, education, supervision and publication. The service targets include LGBTQ+ persons, Christians, parents, and those seeking to know more about their sexual orientations. 

Society of True Light, established on 17th May 2018 (International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia), was formed by a group of volunteers concerned about the life of sexual minorities. The members include medical doctors, psychologists, academic researchers, social workers, and designers. The organisation has no religious background. It serves any individual with distress over their sexual orientations with an inclusive and non-judgemental attitude. 

Research Report on Sexual Orientation Change Efforts in Hong Kong

We published the very first paper on sexual orientation change effort in Hong Kong, in collaboration with Dr. Randolph Chan from the Education University of Hong Kong in 2022 and made an infographic report that is available for counselling centres.